A154 – Dining Table


Gorgeously situated precisely between modern and contemporary styles of decor, this Dining Table is an elegant and sophisticated addition to your dining room. Featuring a stainless steel base legs and a clear tempered glass tabletop, its beautiful design makes it a truly versatile treasure.


Specific Use: Dining Room Table

Appearance: Modern Contemporary

Material: Stainless Steel Base and Glass Top

Size: 65 x 65 x 72 cm

Dimensions: 150 x 90 x 75 (cm)



A functional and stylish dining table is a great addition to your home, whether you have a formal dining room, small breakfast nook, or your dining table is in the center of your kitchen apartment. A dining table is a gathering place and works as a focal point in any room. Aside from style, you’ll want to find a dining table that works in your space. You might love a specific style or look, but if the dining table is too big or small for your space, or there are not enough seats, then you’ll have a difficult time working it into your home.

Choosing your Dining table

Both round and square dinner tables promote conversation and socialization, while large, rectangular dining tables are perfect for larger parties. For a look that mixes the traditional with the contemporary, consider outfitting a large room with an oblong or octagon one.

The material is mostly dictated by the overall style of the space; after all, your furniture should reflect your taste. Darker woods, such as cherry and mahogany, are often seen as elegantly traditional, while dark metals, concrete, and wood/metal mixtures are mostly contemporary. Colorful plastics are modern and playful, while glass can be modern or traditional, depending on the base material used.

Dimensions 150 × 90 × 75 cm