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B609 – Dining Chair


A dining chair with flair, this one brings comfort with an urbane edge. Affordable and attractive, this dining chair will match your dining table. Whether you use this chair in your dining room, kitchen, office or basement, this chair is a stylish answer to your needs.


Specific Use: Dining Room Chair

Appearance: Modern

Material: Fabric, PU, Sponge, MDF, Black painted steel

Size: 46 x 50 x 80 (cm)

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Dining room is one of the most important rooms in our home because it is where our family gathers together to share a meal and for special events. It is important to find a dining room table, as well as dining room chairs, that are large enough for your home and make people feel welcome and comfortable. There are many different styles of dining room chairs to match the décor in in your home.

Choosing your Dining chair

Looking for the perfect dining chair is a bit tricky, especially if you have a huge family with kids. You have to first consider the number of chairs you’re gonna get and the size of it to fit the dining area comfortably.

Once you’ve figured out how many chairs you need to purchase, consider material. This is a relatively easy choice as you really just need to go with your family’s requirements. Plastic is great for kids since it’s a softer material and easier to clean; upholstered dining chairs and slipcovered seats always add a lovely element of both color and class, but are less forgiving when it comes to spills and dirt. Wood is often the go-to option, though a wood piece without a seat cushion is often uncomfortable for long periods of time, and seat cushions can collect dirt and debris relatively fast (this is also true for metal chairs). In the end, style is important but comfort is crucial, so when browsing dining chairs, consider pieces that blend flair with functionality.