Table Lamp
Table Lamp
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Table Lamp MT8137-1



Material: Resin.

Edison screw size: E27*1

Light source: 40W

Available color: Black and White


Table lamps are go-to accessories for any living room, office or bedroom. In a space with a high ceiling fixture, they can shed some light on more task-driven activities, such as reading or writing. As a decorative accessory, they can add balance to a sofa or bring style, color and overall interest to an otherwise neutral color palette. Even swapping out the lamp shade can make an impact.

Choosing the right Table lamp

Selecting a table lamp that is right for your room is important for both the lighting and overall design of your home. Table lamps can help you add ambient lighting to your living space and complement your existing décor. There are various sizes and heights to table lamps, so make sure that you scale your lamp selection based on your available space. You want to make sure that the table lamp gives off light that is both ambient and functional. A table lamp is a great way to freshen up your existing décor and add new textures to your living space.

Pay attention to the height and shade width of potential table lamps: You want it to be both functional and proportional to the room’s decor. When sitting on a table, be sure that the lamp is tall enough to cast light over your shoulder for reading. If it’s more of a decorative piece, you want the height to complement its surrounding furnishings. As for the shade, remember that a narrow brim will cast direct light while a wider one will allow the light to shine on a larger area. Determine where you want the light to reach to decide what’s right for you. In addition, be sure the shade contains the lamp’s bulb and socket since these should not be visible.

Since table lights are merely accessories, they should complement your already-there furniture pieces and overall style. Tiffany lamps and pieces with gold or glass bases are often more traditional, while sleek metal or uniquely shaped fixtures are often more trendy and contemporary. If you’re looking for a cheap fix, try swapping out the lamp shade for a bright, patterned alternative. For those that love a mismatched look, use two different options, but be careful: Although it’s great to have variety, they also might clash.


Black, White